Sherman Fall Honeymoon Session/ Paula + Kirill

Paula and Kirill are such sweethearts with hearts of gold and great style. Paula and Kirill both did their undergraduate program at McMaster University at the same time, but didn't actually meet until post-grad. When chatting with both of them to describe possible photo locations for their honeymoon session it was perfect when they suggested doing their session at McMaster and Sherman Falls. When Paula was in med school she would venture out and go for hikes to check out different waterfalls. For her, being surrounded by the falls and its ambience was really important to her. So, I thought it was a wonderful idea to capture a piece of their story and roots!

Paula and Kirill picked me up, and while we carpooled we chatted about their love story and life as we made our way to the stunning falls. Paula and Krill were absolutely glowing, and what you don’t see is me sweating as I tried to take their photos while balancing on the side of a hill on a few rocks. But, it was "all for the shot "as I told Paula haha. I couldn’t love their images more!

Paula and Kirill, I cannot thank you both enough for letting me capture your incredible and intimate wedding day, and now having the opportunity to capture your honeymoon session was just a dream come true!!




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