Hello Lovelies,

As an artist, I am so grateful that I have the honour to work with the best clients who allow me to fly and have a piece of my heart. I have three passions: being honest, grateful, and genuine. I am so fortunate to have the passion and skills that enable me to achieve success in a career that means so much to me. I’ve spent the past 5 years getting to know the most wonderful clients and capturing their most meaningful moments in time. I’m so blessed to have been surrounded by an abundance of LOVE; sweet kisses, pretty flowers, yummy cakes, awesome dance parties, and the cutest munchkins on the planet. 

I live for a good country song, karaoke nights with my dad, Sunday night football, and chatting over coffee. My two loves are my adorable daughter, Paityn, and my amazing husband, Kyle. I wouldn’t be the person I am without them. My background in cinematography developed into a passion for photography. This gives me a unique advantage to tell your love story through imagery. If you’re seeking photos that evoke emotion, that are thoughtfully crafted and delivered, and go beyond the surface, you’re in good hands!

You give me my story

Headshot of Katie Crane taken by Melista Bahler

Love what you do

this is what makes my heart beat

This is my Story

Since I was a little girl, I’ve identified myself as a DREAMER, and my heart has always had a love affair with light and storytelling. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been amazed by people and their unique stories. This passion for people and stories was given life when my parents bought me my first film camera when I was 8, and a mini-camcorder when I was 14. 


It wasn’t until my mom passed away 8 years ago that a fire was ignited leading me to pursue my love of storytelling as a career. I discovered a deep desire to help others create a legacy that will stand the test of time. This profound experience in my own life produced more clarity than ever before of how precious time is and why we should not take any moment, big or small, for granted. It reminded me of the importance and the impact that authentic imagery holds in all of our hearts. This is why your story is a big deal to me, and it deserves to be told! This is your legacy and a part of who you are. I believe that you deserve to have the most compelling, transparent, and honest photographs. I hold this philosophy dear to me every time I pick up a camera to document your most sacred moments in time. 


If you desire a friend, over a vendor - your search ends here. Welcome to the family! I want to be vulnerable with you so that you feel comfortable to be vulnerable with me. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, but it's only the beginning to all of the beautiful moments that you have coming in the future that also deserve to be artfully captured. So now the choice is yours. If you also believe that your story deserves honest documentation that brings deep meaning to your story, I’d be honoured to walk this journey with you.


My Loves

Who am I?

  1. I am a caring wife to Kyle and mother to my adorable daughter, Paityn. Paityn is my savior, strength, and hope
  2. My family is my entire world. They give me my purpose, and everything I do is for them
  3. I have a twin brother named, Ricky... I like to believe we have twin intuition HAHAHA
  4. I am a #bossmom but, my business wouldn't function with just me. My dad is my hero, my mother is my inspiration, and my stepmom is my biggest supporter - a person I look up to, admire, and who I aspire to be as a woman/mom. I have the most wonderful in-laws on the planet; who are always there cheering for me on the side lines. Late night talks about sales and ideas with my father-in-law or having my mother-in-law editing my copy, plugging away with spread sheets and taxes! Math is NOT my specialty!!
  5. I am an empath and peace keeper. I'll do anything to avoid confrontation.
  6. I like to make people laugh...many clients and friends say my cackle is what makes me unique
  7. I live for a good country song - I could listen to Taylor Swift and Chris Stapleton on repeat
  8. Daisy Jones and The Sixes is now one of my favourite shows!
  9. I adore a good pair of cowboys boots
  10. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are among my greatest sports hero's of all time
  11. Chocolate is my sweet addiction and usually cures my sweet tooth
  12. I did buy a rower this year - but, I must admit I only used it a couple of times ahahahaha!
  13. My goal for this year is to learn how to shoot on medium format film and play guitar

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Cody + Jen

“The relationship we have with Katie is such a beautiful one and everyone should know how amazing she is!!! Katie is the only photographer we trust to capture our love story and any special moments. She has one of the most beautiful personalities we have ever met. She makes you feel so confident, comfortable, and allows you to let loose and have fun capturing organic moments that are genuine and real emotions. We can't say enough about how incredible of an photographer and person Katie is.”

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