Sarah + TJ // Engagement

The only thing sweeter than this couple and their dreamy winter engagement session is their love story! I have known Sarah and TJ for over 15 years - and call them dear friends. Capturing their love story is truly is an honour. Not only was I so excited to shoot their session but, it was first time I have ever shot on medium format film! I have been wanting to venture out into the film world for over 4 years now - I was super scared and nervous to try thinking to myself if I wouldn't be good at it, nervous if it would be a bad business investment (still at times - as I didn't realize the post processing is pretty expensive eheheh), and if my clients' would appreciate the nostalgic and organic tones that film gives us. But, sooooo stoked I did!! I got my scans back from the Canadian Film Lab .... and felt all the feels I got when I used to beg my mom to develop pictures from my throwaway camera ahhaha!

For Sarah and TJ's engagement session we ventured out to Toogood Pond in Unionville - I really wanted to slow down and embrace capturing Sarah and TJ's love story as real, genuine, and authentically as possible and embrace them for who they truly are - easy going, laid back, beautiful souls from the inside and out!