““Bry, our love is truly beyond words and actions your being is woven into the fabric of my soul, inseparable from my own; a feeling that can only be felt. You are my first thought every morning and my last thought every night"

As a candid wedding photographer in Toronto, Piper's Heath Golf Club was a dream venue. Tucked in Ontario's countryside, it set the scene for Bree and Bryan's deeply emotional day. From tender glances to laughter, every moment felt authentically magical. Capturing these candid and heartfelt moments was an absolute privilege, ensuring that Bree and Bryan's special day was not only beautifully magical but also authentically timeless. Capturing heartfelt and joyful moments is my passion, and this wedding was surely an emotional journey I'll treasure forever. Teaming up with Vicky Nicholas from Perfect Planners, known as the "fairy godmother" of wedding planners, and Ryan Chin from Archive Weddings felt like winning the jackpot - what a #dreamteam! Working alongside these talented vendors, who felt more like family, was an absolute blast, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity. From the moment Ryan and I partnered with Vicky from Perfect Planners, magic was in the air. Her expertise and warm-hearted approach blended seamlessly with my vision, creating a synergy that elevated every aspect of the day. Together, we poured our hearts into every detail of Bree and Bryan's special day, ensuring it was nothing short of perfection.

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From the minute we walked into Bree and Bryan’s hotel room, everyone welcomed us with open arms, instantly making us feel at ease and at home. I've never met a couple and their family who were so friendly and welcoming right from the start. Bree and Bryan's love for each other is so fierce; an energy, a pull - felt right in my core. They are just so warm and friendly; it felt like we were old friends and family from the start. They both radiated such warmth and light. They made us feel so relaxed that we became part of the family, making it feel effortless to capture such genuine, beautiful, and emotional moments throughout the day. Bree's meticulous planning, brought to life by Vicky's team, showcased her impeccable taste, from her exquisite lace dress with a flowing train to every delicate detail.

The morning radiated with joy as Bree and her bridal party began popping champagne, listening to tunes, and sharing laughter while bonding. Some of the girls had been friends since childhood, fostering a deep sense of closeness and showcasing a tight-knit relationship. Witnessing and documenting Bree and her mom sharing tender moments together, as well as the heartfelt first look with her dad, were highlights of the day. These intimate scenes truly captured the essence of love and family; it’s such a privilege to be able to witness and document these heartfelt moments. The groomsmen and Bryan’s dad added their unique energy to the day, making every photo session a joy and so much fun to be around. But it was the couple's first look, amidst swaying willow trees and a veil dancing in the wind, that truly stole the show. Bryan’s reaction to seeing Bree was so beautiful, even I was crying. Bree’s brother came over and the two of them gave Bryan a gift of a clip with a photo of his brother Jayson to keep him close to his heart. Jayson passed away in the spring of 2021, but even though he wasn’t present, his spirit was close by. Moments later, a group of butterflies suddenly flew in, surrounding Bryan. I don’t think I’ve cried so hard in my life. I lost my mom over a decade ago, and when Kyle and I got married, it was tough not having her there by my side. I totally get that feeling of wishing so deeply in your heart and bones for someone you've lost to be right there with you. And when you feel that spiritual energy and notice those signs, like what Bree calls 'the swallows,' surrounding us, it's like all the emotions hit you at once, giving you goosebumps and a flood of feelings. This moment really hit me hard, and it's something I'll hold close to my heart forever.

The energy of the guests was so friendly and playful; they're all so close-knit so the day was filled with hugs and laughing all around. Everyone was so lively, that Bree’s brother entered the ceremony tossing beers out to the crowd on his way in. Seeing Bryan cry as Bree walked down the aisle and his dad's reaction to his new daughter was such a privilege. The ceremony was filled with spontaneous dips left and right, which made for the most perfect moments.

As we snuck out to capture golden hour photos of just Bree and Bryan, the venue kindly granted us access to the greens, where we captured stunning sunset lighting for their photoshoot. Returning to the reception, the energy was infectious, with guests dancing the night away. Heartfelt speeches, particularly one dedicated to Jason, evoked a range of emotions, adding depth to an already unforgettable day. The festivities concluded with a breathtaking fireworks display, a perfect ending to a day filled with love and laughter. As a Toronto candid wedding photographer, I feel privileged to have been part of such a memorable celebration, capturing timeless moments that will be cherished for years to come. For couples seeking candid wedding photography in Toronto, I'm dedicated to preserving your love story with authenticity and artistry. Contact me today to discuss how I can capture the magic of your special day.

To Bree and Bryan, it truly has been such an honor getting to know you both. I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to have captured your amazing and heartfelt day. I never felt such an array of emotions as I pressed and released my shutter - even as I culled and edited your gallery, my heart was on an emotional roller coaster! I would be laughing and then crying in tears! Your day was absolutely beautiful in so many ways! I cannot wait to capture more adventures with you both!!!




A photo of the wedding invitation, flowers, perfume, the bride's shoes, and the rings in a holder laid out on a ribbon.
A side profile where hand can be seen adjusting the bride's hair.
Bride walks down the hall of a hotel holding her veil over her shoulder as it flows behind her.
Booklets titled "To have and to hold" containing the bride and groom's vows laid out with flowers and their rings.
A black and white photo of the bride and grooms written out vows, flowers and shoes in opposite corners of the photo.
The bride sits on a hotel bed surrounded by her bridesmaids as they laugh together.
The bride sits on a hotel bed surrounded by her bridesmaids and drinks from a bottle while they raise their glasses.
Bride with a bridesmaid on either side. They all lie on their backs with their feet crossed in the air.
The bride stands in her wedding dress, her mother behind her buttons up the back.

Bree + Bryan Wedding

Piper's Heath Golf Club


Photography: @katiecranephotography_

Planner: @perfectplanners


DJ: @weddingdj_djchrisrhythmz

Videographer: @archiveweddingsca

Florist: @plushflowers

Decor: @allprettyevents

Hair and Make-up: @lavish.flair

Officiant: @enduringpromises

Cake: @thesweetestthingcake

Photography: @katiecranephotography_