Love at first sight: Welcoming little one's Spotlight

It's not every day you get to photograph your baby, is it? But when you do, it's absolutely perfect.

Newborn photography is one of the most important aspects of being a new parent. It's about capturing those first few precious days as a family, and that's exactly what you get with newborn photography. You get to see your baby at their most vulnerable when they're still getting used to everything around them and then later learning how to talk, walk, and explore the world around them.

Transitioning into the role of parenthood can be tough and overwhelming - trying to find the time and energy to take newborn photos during the first foggy weeks may seem like an impossible task. —but when you do, it's one of those moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You get to see all the little things that make up your baby—their eyes, expressions, squishy faces, and adorable smiles. And I mean, who knew babies could be this cute? 

Newborns are so tiny, so adorable, and their expressions just… well, they're perfect! You can't help but smile when you look down at them.

It's like seeing your child for the first time because they really do grow and change so quickly. 

I love being part of this process—bringing babies into this work of art and then continuing to see them grow into their own. It's such an amazing feeling to be able to capture such a precious time - knowing these moments will stay with them for the rest of their life gives me so much 

 "Looking back at our gallery it takes me back to the moment that we often forget through the newborn fog and lack of sleep. I feel all the love, happiness, and gratitude that was running through us during that exact moment - as we were still realizing this little human was ours to keep. Abigail's newborn gallery does make me cry every time I look at it. Remembering just how happy we were even with no sleep; how scrunchy and tiny our little girl once was."

~ Erika and Cam

Erika and Cam, I am so blessed to have met you both. It has been such an honor being able to document so many exciting chapters of your love story: from your engagement, wedding, and now the two of you becoming parents to sweet Abigail. It makes my heart feel so full. I cannot wait to capture more adventures with you both.

Love + Light,



Reflecting innocence: "Captured by Toronto's own Katie Crane Photography freezes time with a heartwarming shot
Lovingly swaddled newborn radiating warmth and comfort | Shot by Toronto Family and Life by: Katie Crane Photography
Newborn found Solace in mother's loving arms :Toronto's newborn photographer Katie Crane creates enchanting memories
Sheer the light of Mother's love : Toronto's own Katie Crane Photography freezes time with heartwarming images.
Tiny miracles held: Newborn hands holding onto mother's reflects bond | shot of Toronto's own Katie Crane Photography
A glimpse of Innocence beautifully captured with a heart of Toronto's very own Katie Crane Photography
A glimpse of pure love newborn adorably sleeping captured with a heart by Toronto's very own: Katie Crane Photography
A love that holds unconditionally documented with a heart by Toronto's very own: Katie Crane Photography
Whimsical charm as Mother held her newborn captured by Toronto's very own newborn Photographer: Katie CraneKatie Crane
A newborn baby girl wrapped in a white swaddle looking at the camera captured by Katie Crane Photography
Dreamy newborn bliss on a bed captured beautifully  by Toronto's very own Family and Newborn Photographer: Katie Crane
A heart-melting sleeping sight of newborn captured Toronto's Family and Newborn photographer: Katie Crane
Breathtakingly newborn sleeping shot in light and pure calmness by Katie Crane Photography
An enchanting sleep newborn captured by Katie Crane Photography
Newborn baby embraced in morning light, lying on bed with a curtain and sunlit windows by Katie Crane Photography