Heartfelt Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session In Guelph

Hey there! I'm Katie Crane, a Toronto-based candid and lifestyle photographer specializing in weddings and family portraits. My approach is inspired by the timeless beauty of film, capturing authentic moments and emotions in every frame. I'm super excited to share Baby Reggie's newborn session with you! It captures the beauty of my close friend Greg's adorable son, Reggie, and his amazing wife Meg. My journey with Greg, from our teenage years to now, has been truly remarkable – from documenting his engagement and wedding, to now embracing the arrival of baby Reggie. It's a journey that has wholeheartedly touched my heart.

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The Session

When it comes to newborn photography, authenticity is everything to me. I skip the frills and fuss, focusing instead on genuine, heartwarming shots that perfectly capture the cozy chaos of those early days. From the tender moments of feeding to the teeniest, tiniest hands, it's these little details that make the biggest impact.

As a mother myself, I understand how quickly time flies when you're with your little one. That's why I'm passionate about freezing those fleeting moments in time, so you can treasure every snuggle, giggle, and sleepy smile for years to come. And what makes it even more special is sharing these moments with your partner. There's a magical bond that forms over baby cuddles, and being able to capture those memories together is truly a privilege. It's a journey unlike any other – messy, chaotic, and absolutely beautiful.

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The mother reaches into her newborn's crib to tap him on the nose the father stands next to her with a hand on her back. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
A close shot of the mother holding her newborn's foot.
The parents sit in the nursery with their backs against the crib holding newborn baby Reggie.
The mother sits on a carpet, holding baby Reggie in her arm.
The newborn lies in his mother's arms looking into the camera while drinking out of his bottle. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
Baby looking up at the camera, his head is cradled in his mother's hands. Photo: Katie Crane Photography.
The new mother lifts her newborn up into the air in the nursery. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
The father holds his newborn to his chest and looks in the mirror. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
Baby Reggie lies on his back looking up at his mom above him. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
The mother kisses Reggie's head while he sleeps in her arms. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.
Outside, the mother lifts her newborn up into the air, both now dressed for the fall weather.
The father holds Reggie and the mother hangs onto his arm. Photo by Katie Crane Photography.

“Not only is she an amazingly talented photographer. BUT is approachable, kind, organized, and has the best personal touch!”

- Megan + Greg