Jennifer + Jay

Scarborough, ONT / The Guild Inn

Motherhood. “The greatest thing you do in this life may not be what you DO but, WHO you raise.” Meet Jen and her hubs Jason. They have been together since high school; 19 years together and they just celebrated their 9th year wedding anniversary, and celebrating their first anniversary expecting their little girl. Jen and Jason’s story is truly a miracle. I never met such a wonderful and free spirited couple so full of love, resilience, and life to share with the world. I met Jen and Jason through a mutual friend - we connect over my long winded emails, text messages, and chats; but, during our session felt as we knew each other for years. 

Jen, it truly has been such a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for trusting me to document this radiant moment in your journey of motherhood. I am truly in awe of what a strong and brave women you are. Thank you for being so honest and open with me! They are not enough words to express how honoured I am to capture such a exciting time for you!