Amber + Julian Sweet In-door Maternity Session

Having Paityn in my belly - starring out and looking out of our window and not knowing what to expect... what will the future have in store for us?

Sessions like these surely give me all the feels because it reminds me of that time where you would sit in solace and reflect on what's to come.... thinking to yourself of your journey... how you got here... questioning..."am I going to be good a parent?" ... all these racing thoughts in the back of your mind.

I too remember those fleeting feelings like it was yesterday when I was pregnant with Paityn. I feel motherhood journey like, so many - it's a mystery and there isn't always the best answer to parent. You take each moment day by day - the precious, the tender, the messy, the chaotic, the beauty - all at once. It sessions like these that take me back to such a tender and sentimental time.

Why is it important to take Maternity Photos

Sessions like these are important - because it's a chapter in your life's story for you to be proud, reflect, celebrate and remember this insane journey.

I find that a lot of pregnant mamas don’t feel like having photographs when they are pregnant and I know some that never take any (like even on their iphone or snaps from their partners) and it’s like that period of their life never existed! For me, I can relate. I was that person - I felt big and uncomfortable and I was so scared to become a mother - and to be honest I really regret not getting photos taken. Yes, maybe I was big and I was scared - but, to be able to accept that and know that those feelings are okay - because there is truly beauty in the mystery that's unknown! Looking back at old photos from my phone it was wild to think how much I have changed, transform - and the beauty in it. Your body is literally growing a human. You are making another human while you do life. Making coffee, while making a human. Going for a walk, while making a human. Hanging out with the girls, while making a human. Anything and everything that we do everyday, all while making a human. It’s freaking wild!

It only happens for 9 months out of your entire life and it’s such an adventurous, sacred, and beautiful experience that I think it should be captured.

Thank you Jules and Amber for letting me be apart of capturing this precious and tender time.