Tune into your mind, body, and soul: feeling is healing.

My Journey to Mind, Body and Soul connection

There are many ways to find and maintain wellness. A few of them being Yoga, Sound Therapy and Breathwork. I must admit that after having my daughter, I slacked off on my wellness journey. It was my long time friend Tessa that reintroduced me to the practice of Yoga.

Tessa also introduced me to Breathwork and Sound Healing with Tiffany. The level of grounded-ness, relaxation and rejuvenation that I experienced combining these practices has led me to want to share these practices with you all. Keep reading to learn more.

Meet Tiff + Tess

Tiffany Hunt has devoted her career to the health and wellness of her patients and clients, with over 15 years of counselling and integrative, trauma-informed treatments. She is a certified sound therapist and breathwork facilitator educated in clinical and health psychology. She obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Ontario and sound certification from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. She is also certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork (Jon Paul Crimi’s method). Her personal and professional experience in mental health, informed by her own struggles with depression, leverage her background as a Clinical and Health Psychologist, instructor, researcher, published author, and clinician working with clients of diverse experiences and psychological needs. She has been a trusted guide to many Veterans, police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

Tessa and Tiffany met while Tiffany was teaching and Tessa was completing her undergraduate education at Brock University. They have since collaborated on several research projects, co-facilitated mindfulness groups and have now come together again to promote holistic healing practices, each with expanded training in their areas of yoga, sound and breathwork. Keep scrolling to learn more about these practices and their benefits to your mind, body and soul!

Tessa Alexander created Yoga Bliss with the vision of fostering the wellness of others through yoga, workshops, and retreats. Tessa is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance (YRT200) and has a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She has been a practicing therapist for several years and has expanded her wellness service offering into the yoga realm after witnessing the power and benefit of yoga on mental health. Her goal as a yoga teacher and mental health practitioner is to help others find the space and time they need to connect with themselves and find bliss!


There are several beneficial impacts of a regular Yoga practice, including significant physical benefits and the impact of Yoga generated mindfulness on brain adaptability and functioning. Yoga is one route to maintaining a mind body connection that is so important to so many aspects of our health. Yoga has been known to calm the nervous system, promote physical health and improve brain functioning. Specific to all us moms out there, Yoga helps us prepare our bodies for the zen it needs to carry a baby, to heal after labour and to keep our cool in those much needed, "I am having a mom day moments". For those with other concerns, like stress management, anxiety, depression or general wellness needs, yoga promotes the production of healthy hormones and contributes to overall wellness.


Breathe in, breathe out. Breathwork channels the power of breath by drawing upon various techniques to elicit profound, transformative experiences. Tiffany is certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork, a powerful form of breathwork developed by Jon Paul Crimi that involves lying down and using a specific self-controlled, circular breathing technique. While you journey through your session, music and inspirational messages will be used to both elicit and enhance physical, mental, and emotional experiences.

Sound Therapy

Sound healing is a beautiful modality that helps facilitate experiences of relaxation, meditation, emotional release, inner-child connection, intuition, clarity, physical relief, and improved sleep. Drawing on a variety of instruments, sound sessions can be a wonderful tool for Veterans, First Responders, pregnant women, end of life, goddess circles, parties, and more to foster connection with the mind, body, and spirit. Explore sound sessions for PTSD, anxiety, depression, relaxation, transformation, and more! 

Here's What Others are Saying...

"I had a lot of trauma growing up and I've struggle with substance abuse and addiction in the past. When I finally did get into recovery, talk therapy wasn't enough. When I found sound healing and breathwork I felt such an overwhelming sense of relief. I can't say anything but good stuff about it. Tiff just takes you on a journey through sound, the vibrations and stuff. Things I never thought I needed to address, I can address. They come up and I am in a safe place where I can meet myself where I am at. And I can go through those feelings and emotions and be okay at the end. It's been life changing for me. I have been in recovery for 3 years now and I never felt a release and sense of calmness in my life for a long time since I started with Tiffany."

 - Michael

"I was doing a lot of talk therapy. I was taking medication for depression and anxiety... nothing was really working. Tiffany mentioned trying out sound therapy. The first time I went it was like absolutely transformative. So, sound therapy really introduced a very calming and kind of guided way to feel my feelings. We hear a lot from our therapist to feel our feelings and I never really understood that until I tried sound therapy. Sound therapy ave me a sense of peace that I never really felt before. This overwhelming sense of calm." - Sydney

"A friend of mine invited me to a sound bath session. It was really empowering, it felt almost transformative in a way just feeling the different vibrations and the different sounds. It was like it almost knew something you weren't really familiar with and allows you to identity with that and really reflect on it. It was really powerful and I really enjoyed it." - Valerie

Tuned in with Tiffany + Yoga Bliss by Tess Present!

Tiffany and Tessa are hosting a series of events together to promote holistic healing through yoga, breath and sound over the next few months. Join them at their next event and see for yourself the benefits so many others have experienced! Check out either of their websites for more information and to sign up.

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Tiffany + Tessa have an upcoming Mother's Day Retreat in Niagara! Click here to learn more or to sign up.

You can win a Day Pass to the retreat, plus a mini session with me, visit us @tunedinwithtiffany, @yogablissbytess + @katiecranephotography_ on Instagram for full contest details.