Stephanie + Baby Dallas

Ajax, ON / Mommy & Me Session

Mommy and me sessions do have a special place in my heart. After loosing my mom 9 years ago and not having that many photos of the two of us. This profound experience in my own life produced more clarity than ever before of how precious time is and why we should not take any moment, big or small, for granted. It reminded me of the importance and the impact that authentic imagery holds in all of our hearts. This is why your story is a big deal to me, and it deserves to be told! I discovered a deep desire to give others what I wish I had with my own mom. I've learned quickly through my loss that moms tend to be the one taking the photos and so they rarely have those special photos of just them and their children. The only way we have to see our loved ones after they pass is through photographs, so for me being able to document such tender moments of you and your kiddo(s) is so meaningful to me .My goal i that at the end of your session I am able to give your babies what I wish I had with my own mother.