"Lights, Laughter, and Love: Welcoming Baby Number Two!"

At-Home Lifestyle Session

During the photoshoot, which took place amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to capture the essence of the family's resilience and joy. It was a moment of celebration for Corinne and Will, who were expecting their second child and their excitement was contagious. I had previously photographed them as a family, and this session aimed to document their expanding journey beautifully.

Opting for an in-home lifestyle session added an intimate touch to the photographs. We utilized their backyard as the backdrop, basking in the soft, natural light that poured in. The atmosphere was relaxed, with laughter and love filling the air. April, with her adorable blonde curls and chubby cheeks, stole the spotlight with her beaming blue eyes. Evidently, she was eager to embrace her role as a big sister, radiating pure joy and innocence.

As a photographer, I'm drawn to capturing authentic and heartfelt moments. Whether it was Corinne's natural and captivating smile, the tenderness in Will's eyes as he adored his wife and daughter, or the genuine connection between April and her doting grandmother, every interaction was a treasure. Their family dynamic was a tapestry of unconditional love, support, and togetherness.

Throughout the session, we engaged in playful activities that brought out genuine emotions and interactions within the family. Ring around the Rosie became a favorite game, evoking peals of laughter and pure delight. I wanted the photographs to reflect the carefree spirit of childhood, the shared bond between family members, and the anticipation of a new chapter in their lives.

In addition to the joyful moments, I also appreciated the moments of stillness and calmness. Those fleeting instances where the world seemed to stand still, and the family reveled in the serenity of the present. These pauses allowed for reflection, showcasing the deep connection and love that bound them together.

As a photographer and a mother myself, this photo shoot was not just a professional assignment but a personal experience. I found myself sharing in their excitement and feeling a sense of belonging. The genuine connections and tender interactions captured on camera were a testament to the beauty of family and the bonds that unite us.

This photoshoot embodied a mix of genuine joy, tender moments, and the anticipation of new beginnings. It was an honor to document this special time in Corinne and Will's lives, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to freeze these cherished memories for them to treasure forever.