Family Portrait Photographer

Family portraits are important because they capture a moment in time that can never be replicated. They serve as a visual reminder of the love and connection between people, and the images get passed down through generations to provide a sense of history and identity.

I want to learn about you and what makes you and your family... well... YOU.

Family portraits can bring comfort and joy during times of separation or loss, as they serve as a tangible representation of the bond between loved ones.

Lifestyle Family Photography in Toronto

Are you welcoming a newborn or celebrating a milestone? Or just getting your annual family photoshoot done in Toronto - let me capture the unique version of you. I can't wait to get started and show you the beauty in your life.

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Family photo packages & pricing

Full Family Session

A personable portrait session where I will take care of every detail for you, from wardrobe (to professional hair and makeup if needed) to custom framing and album design.

*digital images & artwork purchased separately*

$250 booking fee

Special Event Coverage

Are you planning a party to celebrate a milestone in your child's life? Maybe you’re hosting a surprise birthday party or a baby shower for your family member or friend?

Starting at $950

Seasonal Family Packages

Spring + Summer Minis

A mini session is a short photo session ranging in length from 30-45 minutes, whereas a full session is typically 60 to 90 minutes or more. If you regularly get professional photos and don't need a high number of images, mini sessions are perfect for you!

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Mommy and Me Sessions

As moms we are often the ones behind the camera, taking photos of our precious babies. A mommy and me mini session is usually a short photo session that concentrates on the bond between a mama and her kiddo(s).

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Holiday Minis

A Christmas Mini Session is a shorter, more condensed version of a full photo session that is typically held during the holiday season. These sessions are designed to capture festive, holiday-themed photos of your family.

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Book your family session now.

The first step is simple, send me an email with your idea, and I'll get back to you within 2 business days. Reference the package your interested in, and a few dates you're available to make this a quick step to the booking confirmaiton.

Didn't see a package you liked? No worries, I'm happy to work with you to provide a custom quote to match your ideal family photoshoot.

What to expect during your family portrait session

Step 1: Book the session

“After you send me a contact request, I’ll send you a short questionnaire and contract for your portrait experience. Your date will officially be secured once the deposit is paid.”

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how do I choose a family photographer?

I totally get that there are SO many things to consider when it comes to choosing a Toronto Newborn and Family photographer. You need to find the RIGHT photographer for you! Period. Each photographer in Toronto is not created equally and our process might be a bit different. I know it can be really hard to even begin to narrow it down. Consider their experience, what you get after the session is done is digitals more important than custom artwork, posing and shooting style, editing style, business practices of a trustworthy photographer in Toronto (check reviews), and how soon to book your photographer in Toronto.

What is lifestyle family photography?

Lifestyle photography I feel is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture and document moments and portraits of people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday i.e., when you bring that new little baby into your family. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives or to inspire people in different times of their journey. It's not about creating pinterest worthy photos or poses that copy or mimic someone else's journey - but, it's how these images makes you feel and tells the story that makes you family.

What is the best time for family portraits outdoors?

The best time to capture family portraits outdoors is either early morning or evening (when the sun is more softer). I have many favourite locatoions in Scarborough and Toronto that I can suggest. But, open to finding new hidden gems too! The lo­
cation and time of day plays a huge roll in the look and feel of the photos, so please consider what type of look you most love. Generally, outdoor locations fall into two categories:

- greens/browns (depending on season)
- muted beach tones

What is the best time for family portraits indoors?

Indoors it is usually best mid morning. Some elements to consider:

1. Decide if you want to capture your family portraits in home or at a studio?

2. What rooms you would like to shoot in?

3. What does the decor look like?

4. Most importantly, how is the lighting in those rooms?

are professional family photos worth it?

I may be biased. But, after loosing my mother 8 years ago and not having hardly any moments of the two of us together. I believe being a mother is the highest honor I could ever be granted with, but I truly never envisioned myself raising my children without my own mother here. I am fortunate to have an amazing stepmom who I call mom and my mother in-law. But for me, I've learned quickly through my loss. The only way we have to see our loved ones after they pass is through photographs, so after my moms passing I made it my mission to give your babies what I wish I had with my own mother.

They capture memories, document growth, and they show the world our most cherished relationships. For some people, family portraits are a way to remember a loved one who has passed away.

Why are printing my family photos so important?

It's my goal as a Toronto family photographer to help you create the timeless portraiture you’ve always dreamed of. But you see, prints, framed pieces, heirloom albums are more than just 'products' to me. They’re a work of art, and part of your family’s legacy to cherish for years.

How many photos do I receive for a family photoshoot?

A good rule of thumb is 40-70 photos per hour during your session! It is important to know that I don’t hold back on photos, as in I'll never look at a number and cap it. Every session has a series of different events and therefore there will be no cap to the amount of photos I deliver as I want to ensure your whole families story is told. After I am done editing your gallery you will have the option to choose which photos you wish to print, create an album, hang on your walls or if you prefer to purchase just digitals that is fine too!

What is the best month for family photos?

My favourite time to capture family photos is late summer / early fall i.e., August and September. Where the sun dips a little bit sooner - and the clouds are more fluffy like in texture. This allows the light from the sun to be diffuse creating nice soft skin tones. In the summer, the sun gets really high in the sky and can be pretty harsh. When shooting in direct light. So, this means the light can be harsh on the skin. If you are wanting to schedule a summer time session - I would recommend do them in the morning. Or in a space that has tree coverage.

I do love the fall don't get me wrong. But, the greens and tones are so lovely and muted in late summer.

What should you wear to family photos?

During on planning appointment we will go over wardrobe. But, try your best to stick to a palette of no more than 3 tones. Neutral tone that are soft/muted are ideal to create soft/airy imagery. But, you want to consider and
desire you aesthetic - where is the session taking place. Start with styling mom first to take that off her plate, then children, and dad.

Pick outfits that are classic, timeless styles, and not too trendy. Solids are good (because you can mix and match outfits), dainty florals are nice over large florals and big bold patterns as it can become distracting.

Full length to midi dresses that are lined are nice (flowy if possible). A flowy dress creates a lot of movement and texture to the image - and are flattering and forgiving over than more fitted types of dresses. Shorter style dresses are nice but, do have limiting factors when it comes to shooting.
Material that have pretty texture/details like linen and muslim fabric are super lovely to shoot -
May want to consider wearing a dress or shirts with sleeves are nice.

I currently in the midst of building a client closet for my mommas with a few dresses in a variety of sizes.

Morning Lavender and Zara for children's clothing - is a really nice store!